Our Services

  • Alternator Rewinding / Repairing

    • LT Alternator

      Ht Alternator

    AC / DC Motor Rewinding/ Repairing

    Alignment of Alternator/Motor

  • Commissioning of DG

    Standard control panel for DG set

    AMF Panel

    Syncronysing Panel/DG

    Acoustic Enclosure {DG set enclosure}

    DG set shifting and installation.

Testing Instrument and Facilities available with us are

  • EMC Meter (Electronic Motor Checker)

  • Digital Micro/Mili Ohms Meter

  • Baking Oven

    • Automatic Temperature control Electric oven (Dimension-LxBxH -54x49x49 Inch , Internal capacity)

      Automatic Temperature Control Oven Electric Oven(Dimention – LxBxH-6.6x5.2x6.4 Feet , Internal Capacity), Alternator upto 2250 KVA Can be inserted.

  • Main Rotor Winding Machine

  • Megger meter -500v, 1000V-(Make Rish)

  • DC Voltage- Amps Meter (For checking Field Excitation voltage and current)

    • Hydraulic Puller (Large Range)

    • Semi Hydraulic Puller (Medium Range)

    • Mechanical puller (Small Range)

  • Digital Tachometer

  • Digital thermometer/ Temperature Gun

  • Clamp meter (Make-Motwane)

  • Multimeter

  • Welding machine

  • Air compressor

  • Drill machine

  • Growler

  • Chain Pulley Block (Capacity three ton, 4 Nos)